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Vitberg Mini Shield Grey (One Piece)

Vitberg Mini Shield Grey (One Piece)

Vitberg Mini Shield Black (2pcs box)

Vitberg Mini Shield is the best way to breathe in a pandemic. It protects users like a surgical mask, without restricting breathing in any way. It's small, ultra light and very comfortable. After 5 minutes you will forget that you are wearing it. It will last for many weeks. Ideal for people who have trouble breathing in masks (asthmatics, allergy sufferers, the elderly, etc.) as well as medical and uniformed services. Also excellent for the hard of hearing, as you can lip read. works with Face ID.

Meets the requirements of the Regulation of the Minister of Health on covering the nose and mouth Provides basic protection against dirt, splashes and prevents transmission of infectious agents.

Vitberg is the manufacturer of Mini Shield and the Polish manufacturer of medical devices. The headquarters and manufacturing plant of Vitberg is located in Nowy Sącz, at 29 Borelowskiego Street Poland. The company has been manufacturing medical devices for 26 years.
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Vitberg Mini Shield Black
Vitberg Mini Shield - an innovative, breathable mask | Premium Face Shields to buy in UK

Vitberg Mini Shield has a unique air flow system (Patent Pending), thanks to which you can breathe freely in it. Created for employees of the industrial sector, office workers, teachers and students, beauticians, hairdressers, couriers, salesmen, uniformed and order services, hotels, bars and restaurateurs, etc. Due to the fact that Vitberg Mini Shield does not limit breathing like traditional masks, we recommend it to asthmatics, people with difficulty breathing or people, the elderly, and all those who are not used to wearing the mask for a long time. Protect yourself and others ... and breathe freely before everything.

Material: Material: High quality non-woven fabric and PET film. PET film: LT 91% transparency parameter, 0.4% haze parameter, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified.
Size: WIDTH. PET / HIGH PET / WIDTH FABRICS: Size S: 17.5 cm / 10.5 cm / 20.5 cm Size M: 19.5 cm / 10.5 cm / 22.5 cm Size L: 20.5 cm / 13.5 cm / 24 , 5 cm.
Usage: It can be used immediately out of the package.

Shop for high quality Mini face shields in UK at Vitberg. We are an exclusive Vitberg partner, the Polish manufacturer of medical devices, since 26 years. Vitberg offers premium face masks and face shields with international shipping options.
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